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Large format printer paper for point of sale posters 

Many large retailers have access to their own large inkjet printer, there are many different types of paper roll media available and it can be costly if you buy the wrong type. Here at Green Magic Co we have specialized in large format media rolls for over 20 years and have tested hundreds of different paper types from all the leading manufacturers. We suggest you follow a few simple rules when using your large format printer that will keep your printing cost to a minimum. 

Roll paper sizes explained simply

The smallest of the large format printers tend to be an A2 paper size printer they have a maximum width of roll that equates to 420mm or 17" in old money.

The most popular size for point of sale printer is an A1 they use the 610mm wide paper which is also known as 24" 

The largest printer used by retailers tends to be an A0 printer These use the 1067mm or 44" wide paper rolls. most people don't realise that you can use any of the smaller paper rolls in a larger printer!

What point of sale poster paper to use where 

The simplest way to determine which paper to use is to ask yourself is my poster indoors or outdoors?

Indoor posters can be very cheap to produce yourself if you are advertising a one-off event or limited time offer we would use a matt coated paper. If however, you are launching a premium product range or signage that needs to last more than a few months then use a photo gloss paper or a heavy banner paper these tend to hold your image and text better with a vibrancy that can really stand out.

Outdoor point of sale printing, by comparison, has many more choices but the main ones are:

  • Each outdoor printing paper needs to be waterproof 
  • Outdoor printing papers can be self-adhesive
  • Outdoor printing paper need to be strong against wind 

Why should I buy printing paper from Green Magic?

We specialise in printing paper on rolls for retailers, as such we hold hundreds of rolls in stock in our UK warehouse that we source directly from the paper mills. As such your not paying for a branded box just very high-quality paper.

  • Click here to view our range of large format printing paper, available from stock with fast next day delivery options.

How do I keep my large format printer working at peak efficiency?

The answer is simple, use it! keep the ink flowing through the nozzle head it's a little bit like paint in a can if you leave it too long it goes hard and blocks the delicate print head. Also keep it clean.  

Replacement Poster Covers for Snap Frames 

We all know that a well looked after snap poster frame can last for years, the aluminium construction will not rust and the protective anodised coating keeps it looking great. The poster cover sheets, on the other hand, do degrade over time especially if they are in a sunny location where the UV light slowly attacks the cover making them brittle and slightly discoloured. Don't panic you can purchase replacement poster protectors from Sign-Holders at a fraction of the cost of a new snap frame. Our covers are made from high-quality anti-glare material that resists the UV light for as long as possible. The best part is that they will fit snap frames purchased from other outlets too just check the size that you require carefully as mistakes can be costly to rectify. If we don't stock the exact size you need you can buy a bigger sheet size and cut them down with a sharp Stanley knife, you need to be extra careful as this will require some effort!

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