Advertising & Cleaning records in toilets

Advertising in toilets and the effective display of cleaning schedules in washrooms both benefit from using the right holders, which you will find in this product collection.

Toilet advertising is well established as an effective means of communicating with visitors to your facilities. Checklists for cleaning records are important in facilities management programmes.Read more...

Promotion and advertising in toilets

Display of advertisements in toilets is a proven advertising medium. For smaller businesses or many organisations it is practical to adopt a DIY route rather than joining a scheme run be a media company who sell advertising space.

Toilet advertsing works!

Whether you wish to advertise services you offer - for example a home delivery service or a happy hour promotion - or get your suppliers to sponsor advertisements, the results can be very worthwhile. For a small outlay you can purchase smart toilet poster frames to display A4 notices or A3 advertsiements. Position these above the gents urinals, on the back of cubicle doors or next to the hand dryers. Make the most of your captive audience and raise the profile of your establishment.

Display of cleaning notices and check sheets for cleaning operatives

Use frames in toilets to display customer notices - for example, who to contact if a cleaner is required. Sign holders in toilets are also used for cleaners's check sheets, where a check can be made of toilet cleaning rotas and servicing of facilities. There are two ways that poster frames can be used for active maintenance checking: one where the operative writes directly on the clear front cover with a wet wipe pen; the other where the poster cover is slid out of the frame far enough for the cleaning operative or supervisor to write onto the service check sheet. This is useful when a record of maintenance needs to be kept - to audit performance (e.g. staff monitoring or PEAT audits in hospitals) or to investigate customer complaints ("the toilets were disgusting when we ...") etc.

Frames for signs in toilets - toilet signage frame options

We do not supply pre-printed signs for toilets: we supply a range of poster frames and sign holders which are suitable for displaying your own printed signs and notices in toilets or washrooms - and lots of other places! To make it easy to change adverts or update cleaning notices all our frames permit changeable paper inserts. Signs, posters and notices can be printed on regular office printers.

Snap frames for in-toilet advertising

  • Snap frames are a popular choice for displaying adverts on the wall in toilets. Prints and posters are easily inserted behind the poster protector supplied with every frame.
  • Snap frames can have square corners or rounded corners. They come complete with wall fixings. In some situations they can be fixed to toilet walls using double sided adhesive foam tape.

The front-load type of frame is called a snap frame (aka gripframe or click frame). These metal quick-change poster frames are stocked in a goes-anywhere silver finish (though special colours can be manufactured to order). Laminated size snap frames are now stocked in A4 and A3 sizes - for display of laminated prints.

Slip-in frames for cleaning notices in loos

If you want to slip in a cleaning schedule into a poster frame or keep a check of loo cleaning, then our plastic slide-in or top-load frames are ideal for loos. Plastic frames also take laminated prints without the need to trim. These frames are useful for displaying signs in wet room environments and as the laminated print will remain dry.