Zig Posterman Waterproof Chalk Pens & Markers

Zig Waterproof Posterman Pens and other brands of waterproof liquid chalk pen come in two nib sizes - narrow chisel and broad for larger outdoor chalkboards and chalkboard A-boards. These vivid colour outdoor chalk pens are best used on outdoor chalkboards, but can equally be used indoors for parts of a chalkboard sign you don't want to erase. The chalked writing won't come off when wiped with a damp cloth - ideal for the permanent elements of a changeable menu chalkboard sign.


Securit and Posterman Waterproof pens and markers.

These vivid colour Posterman liquid chalk pens made by Zig  and Glass Pens by Securit are best used on outdoor chalkboards but can equally be used indoors where your sign may come into contact with water. This waterproof liquid chalk pen comes in two nib sizes A thin chisel 6mm nib and a large flat 15mm nib for larger outdoor chalkboards and chalkboard A-boards.

If you want to produce a blackboard A-board with a menu, special offers, shop opening times or any general information that may change regularly this is the pen for you. Posterman pens are not just for your chalkboards either, they will write on any non-porous surface so glass/windows, plastics and perspex - ideal for retailers.  These liquid chalk pens are used in Pubs, Restaurants, Garden Centres, Florists, Schools and by many professional chalkboard artists!

Cleaning off Posterman pen from blackboards and chalkboards

Although waterproof your text or picture can easly be removed with Securit brand liquid chalk pen cleaner 500ml bottle or the smaller Zig cleaner pen.  Please note that the formula of the product we originally recommended has been changed (i.e. New Formula Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner with orange cap) and it no longer erases Posterman.