Garden label stakes with chalkboard heads or sign frames

When it comes to organising and effectively communicating plant information to your customers, garden label stakes are an absolute must. Our plant label stakes are made of durable materials, such as wood, plastic or metal and are designed to be inserted into the ground or in plant pots and trays. We have a great selection of label stakes designed to make your job easier and help you create informative and charming displays. Read more...

Professional plant labels for garden centres and nurseries

Our professional plant labels incorporate chalkboard heads or sign frames, making them a versatile solution for labelling and showcasing your plant inventory. With chalkboard heads, you can easily label and relabel your plants using chalk pens - an excellent feature for retailers with frequently changing inventories or for those who like to experiment with different plant arrangements.

Chalkboard label stakes

Our multi-use retail price chalkboard label stakes and garden label stakes can be used for a range of purposes and are ideal in situations such as:

  • plant nurseries for marking plant type and potting date
  • garden centres for pricing individual plants, shrubs and trees
  • farmer's markets for price tickets in tubs and baskets
  • allotments for marking seed drills and dates planted
  • home and show gardens for displaying specimen names in borders
  • homegrown vegetable plot and herb garden plant labels

Ground stakes and sign frames

Use a sturdy and robust ground stake with a sign holder to provide more detailed printed information, such as height, spread and growth rates to help your customers make informed decisions and to create a better shopping experience overall. Our frames and frames can also be used as a centrepiece in a promotional POS display or for temporary event signs and make it easy for you to create eye-catching displays that will attract attention and can help boost sales.

Our range of garden label stakes and sign frames offer a practical, durable and easy-to-use signage and information solution that will make your job as a horticultural retailer more enjoyable and effective and enhance your customers' experience.