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A1 Poster Frames

Do you need an A1 poster frame? We'll give you some ideas about displaying A1 posters professionally!

Whether you need a single A1 frame or a large quantity for a poster marketing campaign it pays to choose the right A1 poster frame for your requirements. Read more...

Get the right frame for A1 posters!

Forget blue tacky stuff, sticky dots or tape - unless you don't care about appearance!

For posters displayed in the home, in a retail store or outside your premises we have a selection of A1 poster frames and can guide you in your choice.

  • Whether you need to display A1 printed posters on a wall or stick them onto a window, stand them on the floor or display a sign outside, there is an A1 poster frame for the job - and we've almost certainly got it!

A1 Snap frames for indoors and outside

  • A1 snap frames are made of aluminium, a metal which can be recycled readily when no longer required. Meantime, A1 size aluminium snap frames are durable and easy to use.
  • With an A1 snap frame it is firstly fixed to the wall - usually with screws but we also offer suitable adhesive tape. Then the four sides of the frame are flipped open to insert your A1 print behind a flexible clear plastic cover sheet.
  • For outdoor use there are special types of A1 snap frame. You can use a regular snap frame outdoors with a vinyl posters which will not get spoilt by water seepage. But only a waterproof snap frame with a rubber seal will prevent regular A1 paper posters and and printed announcements getting wet and crinkly.

A1 Poster hangers and mounts to attach to windows

  • We offer aluminium wall mounted slide-in poster frames and large poster pockets which attach to the inside of shop windows using suckers.
  • A prestige poster frame with a magnetically secured cover sheet is made from silver aluminium, offering an upmarket alternative to the snapframes you see everywhere.
  • Hangers for suspending A1 posters are available in two styles called Poster Snaps and Poster Clamps.

A1 Poster stands for pavement or floor

  • A1 poster stands incorporate A1 poster frames and several models are available.
  • Decide whether your poster needs to be displayed upright or at a an anle for easy viewing.
  • A1 A-boards and A1 pavement sign boards with springs to deflect excess wind are perfect for display outside your shop, bar or premises.