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Guidance systems and signs for safe distancing

Our products help you communicate your social distancing and other policies to customers and visitors. With the right signs, POS and barriers you can safely manage queues, cordon off restricted areas or display distancing rules as they are updated. 

Help keep your staff and customers safe with guidance systems and signs to encourage social distancing and emphasise safe working practices. Read more...

New safe work practices since the pandemic

Retailers such as garden centres who are first to reopen after lockdown will help pioneer the way forward for shops which were forced to close. Everyone is learning from the experience of other sectors and Green Magic is developing new ideas and solutions to benefit our customers.

Below are some suggestions for garden centres preparing to reopen. We have displayed the excellent posters put together for the garden retail industry by the Horticultural Trade Assocation (HTA) in our sign holders and A-boards. HTA members can access this valuable resource here.

Reopening after lockdown - garden centre ideas

From simple ‘wait here’ signs to queue barriers, we have a variety of solutions suitable for all settings and budgets – from small to large retail spaces, public and cultural spaces and educational institutions planning for large-scale operations such as registration.

Guidance Systems

Create systems to guide customers and clients around your environment – particularly valuable and practical for outside store and till- or reception-point queuing and car-parking instructions and directions.

Retractable belt barrier systems are already well-established everywhere from airports to banks and with the addition of clear signs and messages will ensure that your customers can feel confident that you are doing all you can to provide a safe environment.

Our easy to use systems allow you to add or reduce queue lengths and distancing as required and amend configurations to suit your space.

Signs as social distancing aids

Signs and clear messaging will be more valuable than ever in life after lockdown. As information and advice on safe distances and practices evolve, print your own inserts and pop them into our sign holders to keep on top of the very latest guidance.

You will potentially need a range of safe distancing aids to keep customers safe – from pavement signs outside premises and in car parks, collection points etc to floor sign holders inside to guide customers around one-way systems or to highlight hygiene stations.