Standard snap frames with square corners

Most standard snap frames are silver frames with mitred corners, meaning the frame surrounds are cut at a 45° angle, to form a 90° square corner. In addition to mitre corner snap frames we have frames where the sharpness of the corner is reduced by the addition of thoughtfully designed tipped corners - called Opti frames.

There are several frame profiles and each has a slightly different look. The 1" / 25 mm wide gently curved profile is most popular for small to medium size frames.Read more...

Silver snap frames - High quality mitre corner frames

Silver snap frames in a wide range of sizes makes for a popular choice of classic look snap poster frame. These metal poster frames are so practical and versatile that they crop up everywhere - from education to heathcare, from smart offices to simple loos. The majority of snap frames are supplied with silver poster frames - the finish is actually silver anodised aluminium - but black and other colours are also becoming very popular, so we offer a choice.

Square mitred corner silver snap frames are UK best sellers

  • The precision mitred corners create a neat uncluttered frame with stylish looks. 
  • The four sides of the frame flip open with a snap action to enable prints or posters to be inserted quickly behind the anti glare cover sheet.
  • Our snapframes are individually boxed to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. 
  • Screws and wall plugs are provided as standard.

Mitre is the UK English spellling of Miter.
Mitred is the usual past tense in UK English, as opposed to Mitered which is preferred in US English.

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