Hand sanitiser dispensers & stations, automatic, pump or foot operated

Hand sanitiser dispensers include freestanding hand sanitisers, automatic touchless, pump action or foot operated dispensers. Hand sanitiser stations with floor stands, wall mounted, tabletop and outdoor hand gel dispensers. Sign-Holders is a major UK supplier of hand sanitising solutions to every sector.  Read more...


Hand sanitiser dispensers are needed everywhere

When hand-washing is not practical the use of hand sanitiser gel offers an effective hand hygiene solution. We have a comprehensive range of hand sanitising solutions suitable for every type of workplace, hospitality, schools and universities, care home and public spaces. Shops, offices, bars, factories and educational establishments all understand the need to offer staff, customers, guests, students or visitors the opportunity to sanitise their hands. We stock an extensive range of hand sanitiser dispensers available for prompt despatch singly or in large quantities from our UK warehouse.

Freestanding hand sanitisers

Floor standing hand sanitiser dispensers are a particular speciality and we offer solutions which are both highly competitive and well engineered. Sign-Holders.co.uk has been the leading specialist supplier of floor stands for displaying signs for many years. Transferring our skills to freestanding hand sanitisers was a natural step for us to take to help offer virus protection to our existing customer base and to new customers in every sector.

We have made it easy to purchase hand sanitiser floor stands and take charge of refilling yourself using any hand gel of your choice - no special cartridges or expensive proprietary refills are required. Our freestanding hand sanitisers are available in several versions: equipped with automatic dispenser or foot operated when touch-free operation is preferred, just a simple floor stand to take your own pump action dispenser bottle, or with a lever to dispense hand gel which can be operated by the elbow, wrist or hand.

The graphic below explains the main differences between three of our pump and lever dispenser models. The most substantial model is our Hand Sanitiser Station - it is tall, looks impressive and is sure to make a statement about your hand sanitising policy. The Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand is a slightly smaller unit, but still benefits from and integral eye-catching poster frame to underline your responsible hand sanitising credentials. The Hand Sanitiser Bottle Holder stand is available in two heights, with or without an integral poster frame.

Our range of freestanding hand sanitiser stands

Outdoor hand sanitising

There are many situations when hand sanitising outdoors is required. A hand sanitiser dispenser is even more relevant in this situation as there may be no hand-washing facility available. We offer several freestanding sanitiser dispensers suitable for use outdoors. Automatic dispensers may not be suitable for use in the rain as they are intended or indoor use. However our lever operated dispensers are available in a weatherproof outdoor version and our foot-operated dispenser stands are also designed for use outside.

Wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers

Easy access hand sanitiser dispensers at entrances and across stores and all public and workspaces will be high on the list of expectations of customers, clients and staff as lockdown measures are eased and gradually lifted. We offer two styles of wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers, either an automatic hand gel dispenser with in-built hand sensor or lever operated - using hand , wrist or elbow. In both styles we offer easy-fix models which can be stuck on to smooth walls, tiles or glass partitions when screw-fixing is not possible.

Whilst hand sanitiser is not a replacement for good hand washing with soap, we know that when out and about this is not always practical. Sanitiser with an alcohol content of at least 60% has been proven to help reduce the spread of germs by removing certain types of microbes – including virus pathogens – from the skin and is recognised as a crucial public health aid. We are pleased to offer a choice of hand sanitizer dispensers including pump-action or touch-free dispensers on floor stands with the benefit of an integrated poster frame to display your individual message.

Wall mounted gel dispensers are also available in both manual lever-operated and automatic touchless versions. We have made wall mounting easy as the elbow operated and contactless versions can be fixed either with screws or super-strong adhesive pads for tool-free installation. The adhesive backed hand gel dispenser option also works on glass so dispensers can be attached to glass partitions to fixed glass panels next to an entrance.

Automatic and manual dispensers are also available with table top stands. Table standing sanitisers can be free standing, screwed down or even stuck down depending on the circumstances at the individual location.

Sanitiser stands for all settings

Manual and automatic gel dispenser floor stands

Hand gel dispensers on counters, desks and tabletops have become a common sight, however floor-standing sanitiser dispensers are more useful in many environments.

Floor stand dispensers placed at entrances, office corridors, and in communal facilities such as toilets and kitchens are an excellent choice where countertops are not available. Choose from pump action dispensers including our new sanitiser dispenser with elbow operated lever or, better still, contactless automatic dispensers which optimise hygiene standards.

Large spaces will benefit from being able to offer multiple sanitiser points – supermarkets, shopping centres, schools and colleges – any substantial space is advised to supply several points to help customers and staff maintain health-safety standards. From simple units such as a handpump on a free-standing dispenser to lever action sanitiser dispensers on larger stands with easy to use and change information signs, we have the right solution for your space.

Free standing outdoor hand sanitiser dispensers and automatic dispenser stands are the latest additions to our range.

Branded hand sanitiser stations

Smart hand hygiene solutions with branding options

Our hand sanitiser stations are designed to look good. Most customers do not want some contraption at their doorway which looks like the cleaners forgot to put their mops and buckets away.

Our hand hygiene stations impart a professional, welcoming and smart appearance, making them suitable for branding and easily adaptable to rollouts across multiple locations. Sanitiser stations sporting a brand message and corporate livery can be spaced around a venue, event, university or other complex. For event management companies switching the appearance from one event to the next to create a bespoke and custom look your clients will love is so easy. Call to discover more about our branded hand sanitiser stands, offered at very competitive price points. (MOQ for most branding options is 25 units depending on the branding package you require. Please call or email to discuss.)  

Hand sanitiser gel

We supply a good quality 70% alcohol-based sanitiser in handy 5L quantities. Quick-drying and non-rinse, our gel is ideal for regular use and is suitable for the food and healthcare industries as well as retail, public and office settings.