Round corner snap frames and extra-safe Opti snap frames

For a extra safety and visual appeal choose a snap frame with rounded corners. Round corner snap frames are available with safety tipped corners called Opti frames or as round chrome corner snap frames Read more...


Round corner snap frames A1 A2 A3 A4 paper sizes 

Round corner snap frames use the same easy click open and shut poster change system that the standard snap frames use with the added safety feature of a round corner moulding. This also gives the poster frame a different style visually. We recommend using a round corner snap frame in high traffic areas where the proximity to people is reduced ie a school corridor where pupils could easily come into contact with the poster frame. The use of round corner poster frames greatly reduces the risk for establishments that see a high volume of the travelling public.

  • A4 rounded snap frames ideal for the display of printed certificates in medical and educational establishments.
  • A3 round corner snap frames are perfect for corridor signage where the message is close to the intended audience.
  • A2 round corner snap frames when you just need a little more impact for your sign or information.
  • A1 poster size round corner snap frames give the maximum impact and are the most popular poster size used in the UK 
  • Click here for more details and prices on our full range of rounded corner snap frames with a 25mm edge profile.

Safe rounded corner snap frames at a great low cost

No sharp corners like on some cheap snap frames. Our popular Opti snap frames are available in a range of finishes including silver, black and wood for A1, A2, A3 and A4 and finished with modern, and extra safe, slightly rounded corners. Chrome corner snap frames have larger round corners to make a strong visual statement - they are stocked in the silver finish only.

  • Opti frames are regarded as best value snap frames because they are very competitively priced with the added safety feature of safe plastic tipped corners thrown in, making them a prefered poster holder for use in vulnerable environments such as schools and nursing homes - but these clip frames look equally good in a smart reception area.
  • The one-piece back panel offers several easy ways to mount. In sizes up to A4, the rear moulding can also accommodate a folding strut accessory, allowing table-top use(applies to free-standing versions only).
  • An anti-glare poster protector is included with every rounded corner frame, as are concealed wall fixings making them a simple and easy way to showcase your posters, signs and marketing material.
  • Aluminium snap frames with round corners look stylish and it's really easy to change over a poster or update menus. The frame is spring-loaded and can be opened with the fingertips. Swap over adverts or latest offers in seconds without taking down the frame.
  • Frames can also be fixed to some surfaces such as tiled washroom walls or toilet doors with double-sided adhesive tape.
  • The shiny chrome rounded corners finish off the appearance for any environment where a more decorative look is appropriate. Round corner frames are popular in pubs with period decor, night clubs and casinos, hotel foyers and lifts etc.