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Sign Systems for Wayfinding in Offices

Sign systems for wayfinding in offices, schools and other premises can be designed to be self-updateable by the building owner using simple printed inserts.

Office wayfinding signage systems based on digital prints or desktop printouts can look professional, and also prove very economical, provided that the correct sign sytem hardware is specified. Read more...

Signage systems designed to help visitors find their way around

  • We are a specialist supplier of office signs online and we have cost effective wayfinding solutions.
  • The sign systems presented here are principally based on utilising printed paper inserts, as opposed to vinyl lettering or engraved signs commonly used for more permanent signage systems.
  • Some of our designs can be used in conjunction with traditional sign making techniques - delivered via our sign industry trade customers.

Door name signs for rooms and offices

  • Use a door name sign to inform staff and visitors the name of the room or who resides there.
  • Name plates for office doors and office door name tags which are interchangeable offer a very flexible approach in tune with an ever changing office landscape.
  • Whether in offices, conference centres, residential homes or schools / colleges it is vital to provide clear room name information - which can be updated without waiting for a specialist contractor.
  • All our sign systems for identifying rooms and office occupants / functions take regular printed paper so you can manage this function in house, quickly and at low cost.

Signs for finding which way to go

  • Whether it be a directory sign or a fire escape route, having easy-change signage systems represents a major convenience for anyone responsible for premises management.
  • We offer wayfinding sign systems ranging from budget to premium to cater for all types of building and different classes of user.
  • In schools and hospitals safety may be the most important consideration in planning a signage scheme - for example unbreakable, no sharp edges and very hygienic to clean.
  • Larger size directory signs may require a larger format digital printer or plotter to produce the content whereas an A4 office printer will suffice for smaller frame sizes.

Temporary signage for open days, events and conferences

  • Not all signage needs to be permanent - indeed temporary signs and movable signpost signs are frequently a requirement in many buildings or around the campus.
  • Moveable signs require changeable messages - and we have several models of floor standing signs which are not only portable but the message can be updated in moments.
  • All portable sign stands are stable indoors and certain models can be used for outdoor event signage. 

Reception desk and reception area signs

  • Often the reception area is where you want to make a good impression. So in the reception area, boardroom or showroom it is worth choosing a more prestigious type of poster frame such as an illuminated frame or an impressive welcome sign stand incorporating a brochure rack.
  • Desktop signage may be required on the reception desk. A sign which enables the receptionist's name to be changed at every shift in a hotel or venue is professional and convenient.
  • In the meeting room wall poster rails may be required for displaying flip chart graphics or large plans for the duration of the meeting.
  • Name holders to display the names of board members on the top table or the names of delegates attending a seminar are very practical - especially if names can simly be printed off ahead of the meeting and slotted into the holder.