Adjustable upright poster stands A4 A3 & A2

  • Family of upright poster stands with A4, A3 or A2 snap frames, in adjustable combinations 
  • A smart and stable menu stands 155 cm tall 
  • Frames with safe rounded corners can be double-stacked or mounted back-to-back

Adjustable upright poster stands A4 A3 & A2

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Adjustable upright poster stand with snap open frames

The Presenta NuStyle family of upright poster stands comes in six versions featuring A4, A3 or A2 size frames in either single-frame or twin-frame combinations. Posters are easily popped into the snap open frames which benefit from rounded corners for safety.

The poster stand has a smart matt silver finish with an all-metal pedestal. The upright leg of the pedestal sign stand is made of aluminium featuring a discrete mounting channel on both sides. This enables any size poster frame to be mounted at any height, in either portrait or landscape orientation. Twin-frame models allow frames to be double-stacked or mounted back-to-back: i.e. with a frame on each side of the upright leg.

Intended for indoor use, the base is made of solid steel 6mm thick with a durable, high-quality silver-grey paint finish. Beneath the base, four hard rubber glides are provided to prevent marks and to lift the base slightly off the floor. These non-slip feet also protect the underside of the base on rough surfaces.

Features of our Presenta NuStyle range

  • A good-looking upright sign stands to display printed information and notices in any indoor environment.
  • All A4, A3 and A2 models are 155 cm high. This adjustable upright poster stand is just over 5 ft high. The leg is delivered in two sections with concealed components to join the two halves. The leg is not intended to be demountable once the two halves have been joined. Instructions are supplied.
  • The steel plate base is 350 mm square and weighs in at 4 kg, making it stable, but it can be lifted and moved. Hard rubber glides protect the underside of the base. 
  • The poster stand and sign holders stand upright. The frames can be adjusted to any height and mounted portrait or landscape. Adjustment requires a screwdriver to access the mounting screws concealed inside the snap open frames.
  • All three sizes of the frame have round chrome-finish corners. The rounded corners are a safety feature to avoid any sharp extremities.
  • The snap open frames come with clear covers to place in front of your posters, signs or notices.
  • Models identified as 2xA4, 2xA3 or 2xA2 are supplied with two snap frames, each with its mounting components. To make a double-sided poster stand, the frames can be positioned one above the other - or one on each side of the upright leg.
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