Black weatherproof pavement sign with wheels

  • Outdoors A1 and A0 water base pavement signs with black surround
  • Superb quality - weatherproof pavement signs with water fill base for stability
  • Water base pavement sign with snap frames and wheels - easy to use and move
  • Upgraded 'Plus' versions with waterproof quick poster change - high-quality European manufactured. 

Black weatherproof pavement sign with wheels

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Black weatherproof pavement sign with water-filled base 

This superior quality smart black water-fill base pavement sign can be ordered with A0 or A1 size poster frames. Classy black finish combined with a black base.  Weather-proof and wind resisting for use on breezy street corners or windy car parks. This model is also known a Sightmaster Pro in black.

  • The sturdy moulded black plastic base should be filled with water to make it stable enough to withstand wind in most situations - filler point and screw-on cap provided.
  • The addition of wheels means it is simple to move even when full of water. Just tilt and roll.
  • Waterproof snap frames on both sides each incorporate a weatherproof gasket to prevent standard paper posters from getting wet. These special snap-shut frames accept thicker inserts than standard snap frames (up to 4mm) in addition to regular posters.
  • The WindPro design features safe rounded corners for both the poster frame and base.  The A0 version is large - 5ft tall and 3ft wide - too big for a restricted pavement and heavy to move when filled with water.
  • Two sets of double-springs allow the frame to lean over slightly to spill strong gusts of wind without the WindPro base falling over.

A1 wind-resistant pavement sign - WindPro 

  • A1 Outdoor waterproof pavement sign with high-quality waterproof snap poster frame Black painted finish 
  • Heavy waterbased sign holder with wheels for easy placement.
  • Black WindPro A1 pavement sign | Wind resistant A1 pavement signs | Water-based pavement sign A1 Posters 

A0 wind-resistant pavement sign - WindPro

  • A0 waterproof poster holder with heavy water-filled base for outdoor retail displays durable black painted finish
  • Heavy-duty base with wheels for easy placement.
  • Black WindPro A0 pavement sign | Wind resistant pavement signs A0 | Water-based pavement signs large 
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