A1 Pavement signs with stable waterbase

  • Wind resistant A1 waterbase pavement sign with snap frame poster change
  • Pavement signs with a water-filled base for stability in a choice of silver or black
  • A1 outdoor poster holder sandwich board with weighted base plus wheels 
  • Large stock despatched from our UK warehouse to shops, schools, public buildings etc.

A1 Pavement signs with stable waterbase

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Waterbase pavement sign with A1 snap frames

Waterbase pavement signs with A1 snap frames are an excellent choice for your advertising needs. These signs come with a stable water fill base and are available in silver-grey or black, giving them a professional and appealing appearance.

The signs are designed with a sturdy back panel, providing extra durability against potential vandalism and strong winds.

For added convenience, the moulded plastic base is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move around as needed. These signs can hold two A1-size posters, and changing the display is simple. Just flip open all four sides of the snap poster frame, insert your poster behind the clear plastic cover sheet, and you're good to go!

Wind resistant sandwich board with water-filled base

The water base pavement sign is designed to display the most popular A1 size posters, a modern take on the old sandwich board way of advertising your goods and wares.

  • Heavy-duty curved plastic water base has a filler cap through which you add water to act as ballast.
  • Two springs connect to the base to the frame so excess wind force can be deflected away.
  • A1 snap frames provide a double-sided display of your pavement advertising.
  • The aluminium composite back panel is stronger than models with easily damaged plastic back panels. 
  • Posters (not supplied) can be changed easily by opening up the frame border - no tools are required.
  • The attractively curved base has wheels to make it easier to move when filled with water and incorporates a handle to make moving it simple.
  • Poster frames are supplied with clear plastic covers. We recommend posters are printed on water-resistant material.
  • For severe exposure situations or when a fully waterproof frame is required, you may also wish to consider our higher-specification WindPro and Windcheater models.
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