Outdoor sign stand with stable base

  • The free-standing outdoor sign stand is robust and stable - choose from 3 heights up to 1.8m (6 ft)
  • Adjustable clamps securely grip almost any sign board e.g. correx, foamboard, aluminium
  • Heavy-duty base made from 100% recycled material is rugged and durable to prevent toppling 
  • The pole colour is black

Outdoor sign stand with stable base

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Stable outdoor sign stand for rigid sign panels

Outdoor sign stand displays freestanding outdoor sign boards printed on almost any rigid signage substrate. SignClamper is a unique all-weather signboard holder from Green Magic, available in three heights to meet different requirements.

Suitable for parking and direction signs, temporary outdoor event signs, promotional and information signs. The stable sign stand is portable yet sufficiently heavy to stand upright in moderate winds.

Choose the right SignClamper for your application

  • Type 10 SignClampers have a heavy rubber-like base made from 100% recycled plastic. The base is 400mm square, weighs 10 kg and is rugged enough for many years of outdoor use - even withstanding being run over by a vehicle. Heavy duty black pole fits securely into the base. 
  • There are 3 heights of pole:
    Standard 1.4m (4' 8") high - suitable for holding rigid panels up to around A1 size, 50x70 cm or A2 size are ideal for more exposed locations 
    Short 0.9m (3' high) - very stable even in quite strong winds with A2 size or 40 x 50 cm sign panels. Ideal height to view from a car   
    1.8m (6' high) - ideal for taller narrower signs (i.e. with less wind area to limit the risk of blowing over) or as an outdoor banner stand
  • Sign Clamps slide up and down the pole and are easily tightened by hand. The clamps will hold a Correx, Dibond or Foamex sign board or panel - panels 4mm to 6mm thick are ideal. Clamps will not rust and will last many years. Extra clamps can be purchased (see More Information) 
  • Sign panels are not included - these are generally custom produced by sign companies. Various size panels can be used.
  • In strong wind this freestanding outdoor banner stand is less likely to blow over when used with a smaller sign boards and/or a shorter pole. 
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