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Short outdoor floor stands for A3 and A4

  • Outdoor sign stands won't topple easily, suitable for A4 or A3 size laminated prints 
  • Heavy recycled-plastic base - BASIC base model or COVERED base with decorative cover
  • Angled versions are called TILT's - for single-sided use, easy to read up close 
  • Upright versions are called MESO's - can be used double-sided and viewed from a distance

Short outdoor floor stands for A3 and A4

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Upright or angled sign stands can be used outdoors

Indoor or outdoor floor sign stands are available with angled or upright frames. With people having to queue outside they are suitable for outdoor social distancing signs when used with a laminated print.. The round rubber-like base is made from heavy recycled plastic and is supplied with or without a drop-on decorative plastic cover.
TILT (angled) and MESO (upright) floor signs are generally suitable for outdoor use - because they are relatively short and this significantly reduces the risk of toppling in the wind.

  • Short floor signs are ideal for garden centres, reserved parking signs, temporary event signage etc. Approx ht 900 mm (36 inch) overall, depending on the choice of frame.
  • A4 or A3 size frames can be used portrait or landscape - print your own sign and slot it into the frame. Refer to the Assembly and Installation tab.
  • Paper prints must first be laminated for outdoor use (the frames are slightly oversized to fit).
  • TILT model - this has an angled frame which makes it easier to read text when standing closeby.
  • MESO model - this has an upright head for double-sided use if required. It is easier to read from a lower viewing angle - e.g. from the seat of a car or a wheelchair.
  • We offer a choice of bases
    Both are equally heavy and stable, but one is more presentable.
    BASIC base - a rougher rubber-like base made of dense recycled plastic
    COVERED base - by the addition of a light drop-on 'cover' the base is transformed from rustic to more refined.

Spare parts for short outdoor sign stands

Just in case your sign stand has had a little accident follow the links for a comprehensive list of spare parts:

Download Data Sheet Download Data Sheet