Holdon Banner clip secures flexible POS Banners

  • The Holdon Tarp clip is ideal for securing digitally printed POS banners, light-weight tarpaulins, and woven plastic sheets without eyelets
  • Two-part push-on component - the harder you pull the tighter the clip gets
  • Easy way to attach banners, canvas or garden sheeting etc. without eyeletting
  • Easy-to-Use Holdon Tarp Clips for Short-Term Signage

Holdon Banner clip secures flexible POS Banners

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Holdons secure flexible POS Banners without the need for eyelets.  

Securely grip onto smooth or textured plastic sheets, PVC banners, and POS banners with ease using Holdon Tarp Clips. Made from tough outdoor-grade white plastic, these clips are versatile and can be reused many times.

Easy to assemble by hand, Holdon Tarp Clips eliminate the need for tools, hole punches, or hems. The cleverly manufactured two-part clip incorporates serrations within the fitting, ensuring a secure grip on your banner without causing any damage.

Whether setting up an event or a retail display, Holdon Tarp Clips can be used indoors or outside for short-term signage needs. They're perfect for attaching digitally-printed POS banners onto railings, fences, and other structures, and can hold up to 45 kg, depending on the material.

Use Holdon Mini Tarp Clips in combination with bungee cords, cable ties, or other materials to achieve the desired level of tension. These clips are suitable for any lightweight, flexible plastic sheet up to 1mm thick, including polypropylene, Tyvek, and medium-duty PVC.

  • "Secure and Damage-Free Attachment": A key feature of the Holdon Tarp Clips is their ability to securely grip onto plastic sheets and banners without causing damage. The two-part clip design and the serrations provide a strong grip.

  • "Easy to Assemble and Reuse": Simple to assemble Holdon Tarp Clips by hand, without the need for tools, hole punches, or hems. These clips can be reused often, making them a cost-effective solution for temporary signage needs.

Holdon POS banner clips are useful to secure these materials 

  • Holdon Tarp Clips
  • POS Banners
  • Lightweight Banner Fabrics
  • Garden Netting
  • Sun Sails
  • Windbreaks
  • Cargo Netting
  • Plant Covers
  • Marine Covers
  • Short-term Signage
  • Temporary Signage
  • Plastic Sheet Clips
  • PVC Banner Clips
  • Digital Print Signage
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