Waterproof Lockable outdoor snap frames A4 up to 40x60 inch

  • Outdoor wall mounted waterproof lockable snap frames all sizes including 40 x 60 inch 
  • Exterior weatherproof poster frames A4 to 40 x 60" with locking sides with a waterproof seal
  • Tamperproof locking mechanism and heavy-duty poster cover as standard 
  • Huge UK stocks of waterproof poster frames with fast next day delivery options 

Waterproof Lockable outdoor snap frames A4 up to 40x60 inch

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Waterproof outdoor snap frames with tamper-proof lock 

If you need to display prints and posters in a tamper-proof poster frame, with the additional protection of an integral seal, our lockable water-resistant snap frames are the answer.  These waterproof snap frames can also be used to display thicker substrates such as a printed card (up to 3mm).  So the design can be a good choice even if you don't intend to use the frame outdoors.

  • The frame hinges open to reveal a high quality extruded rubber gasket seal all the way around the interior. So not only is your sign or poster safe from interfering fingers, but it is also protected from the elements.
  • The 'lock' is achieved by a security bolt which can only be undone with an Allen key. Each side interlocks with the next - so once the first side is opened, the other three sides can also be accessed. Then the frame contents can be changed with relative ease.
  • By popular demand the range has been extended to include larger size outdoor snap frames: A0 size (841 x 1188mm), 30x40 inch (Quad size) and 40x60 inch a (4 Sheet poster frame).

Can you use waterproof lockable snap frames indoors?

Many signs and advertisements are collectable items, in a cinema, theatre or a music venue posters can be highly prised items, lockable snap frames allow you to display these posters in a tamperproof manner meaning your event gets maximum exposure to the public. Many organisations have their advertisements printed and delivered from a central office and may not have spare prints to replace damaged or stolen posters.   

  • We have a full range of poster sizes from A4 & A3 that are ideal for advertisements toilets and restrooms.
  • A1 & A2 posters for advertising upcoming events in corridors or passageways.
  • Popular large format sign holders, A0, 30x40inch (Cinema or Movie poster size) and the largest 60x40 inch or 4 sheet poster holders. 
The 35mm border is eye-catching just what you need for large format advertisements it also offers unprecedented protection from a movie poster collector!

What posters I can use with these poster frames?

You can use standard or heavy weight paper posters or if you have your posters specially printed, up to 3mm signboards will fit perfectly within the frame beneath the heavy duty poster cover. 

What is included in the box

  • A Professional top quality waterproof lockable snap frame 
  • UV and Anti-glare heavy duty poster cover 
  • Locking tool 
  • Wall fixings and screws

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