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Ceiling cable fixing with adjustable hook

  • Discreet ceiling anchor for wire cable suspension systems with adjustable hooks
  • Ceiling anchor secures wire with a choice of TWO safety hooks for hanging signs, lights etc.
  • Kit includes a screw-on ceiling fixing, one adjustable height hook and either 1m or 2m drop cable

Ceiling cable fixing with adjustable hook

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Ceiling screw in anchor for wire suspension systems 

This neat ceiling fixing is supplied with a strong hanging wire and a small adjustable-height hook to hang items from many types of ceiling, including plasterboard and wood.

The thimble-size ceiling anchor (12mm diam) is made in two parts so its base can be screwed onto a typical plaster ceiling. A plastic plug and screw are included. The domed part is then screwed back onto the base with the top of the wire securely captured within the ceiling anchor.

Choice of adjustable height hook

Both hooks are self locking with a finger-tip release button to adjust the height. Both hooks are about the same size, just under 4cm high.
Both hooks have a spring loaded gate at the mouth of the hook to prevent accidental unhooking. 
In either case there is a choice of 1m or 2m suspension wire. Excess wire can be cut off once the height has been set - we advise using good quality cable cutters to reduce the risk of fraying (see Recommended Accessories)

Safe Hook

Safe Hook is our popular gated hook with sleek lines and a shiny chrome finish 

Bee-Line Hook

Bee-Line is our new adjustable hook with nickel plate finish at a slightly lower cost than Safe Hook - but it's actually stronger. It has the advantage of a straight through cable path, which enables extra hooks to be added to create a daisy-chain configuration. One hook is included in the set and extra Beel-Line Hooks can be purchased as required (see Recommended Accessories)

Features of both suspension hooks

  • Minimalist designer ceiling fixing with a satin chrome finish. The screw ceiling anchor is the size of a small sewing thimble.
  • Either a 1m or 2m suspension cable is included depending on which set is selected (see price table). The cable is strong yet slender galvanised steel wire.
  • Provided the ceiling attachment is secure this fitting together with the 1.5mm diam wire and hook can safely support 6kg (Safe Hook) or 17 kg (Bee-line hook). For multiple hooks on a single cable the maximum recommended load per cable is 17kg. 
  • Two sets should be ordered per hanging sign, including for banner rails such as our Poster Snaps and Poster Clamps.


Recommended Accessories
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Recommended Accessories