Black wire suspension kits with ceiling fixing

  • Ceiling fixing suspension kit with black wire - either 1m or 2m long, takes 15kg load
  • Black wire suspension kit includes a black Urban Trapeze to form a fully adjustable loop
  • Black components disappear into dark ceiling voids making the hanging system very discreet 

Black wire suspension kits with ceiling fixing

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Black hanging wire system is easily adjustable 

Black wire suspension kit includes a neat black anchor fitting which can be screwed to a ceiling or other suitable surface This ceiling anchor secures the hanging wire, either 1m or 2m long depending on the kit selected.

The hanging wire set includes a small black self-locking fitting which makes it easy to form a loop around any item to be suspended. Thanks to this Urban Trapeze the loop is easily adjusted in size and can be set at any height up to the overall length of the wire.

Almost invisible way to hang from a ceiling void

  • Use this hanging wire kit for many purposes including hanging planted containers, decorative items, tapestries, disco lights, suspended screens or merchandising displays in stores. 
  • Choose the kit with either a 1m or 2m wire, which is pre-terminated at one end to be captured securely in the ceiling anchor. Excess wire can be coiled up or cut off using wire cutters.
  • The suspension kit is rated up to 15 kg safe working load (with a 5:1 margin of safety which we always recommend for overhead suspension). This applies to a vertical load as opposed to when the wire is used horizontally to create a light duty horizontal catenary wire. 
  • Ensure that the intended location will accept a screw and support the intended load. Basic masonry plugs are included in the kit but can be upgraded by using alternative proprietary fixings (see Assembly and Installation Tab) e.g. for hanging from dark painted plasterboard ceilings.
  • The bottom loop is created easily using the supplied Urban Trapeze fitting. The fitting grips the wire internally - but the grippers can be released temporarily for stepless adjustment, simply by depressing the cable entry buttons (see animated visual).
  • The wire is black coated 7x7 steel diameter 1.5mm - which is strong yet slender.
  • This black wire hanging kit is designed to look good as well as being structurally reliable and easy to install.
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