Multi-use dome hanging fitting with choice of hook

  • Slotted dome ceiling anchor for use on flat and sloping ceilings or for screwing to wall 
  • Supplied with a choice of adjustable height gated gripper hook - or without any hook
  • Safe Hook is polished chrome finish. Bee-Line hook has bright silver finish. See details.

Multi-use dome hanging fitting with choice of hook

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Dome ceiling anchor for sloped ceilings or walls

  • Multi-use dome fixing is a good solution when exact site circumstances are not known as the slotted dome shape cable anchor offers versatility. The 2m long cable supplied with each kit has a ball termination at one end. This is retained inside the dome anchor, the slot  enables the cable to exit at any angle. 
  • Excess cable can be cut off after final positioning. In situations such as picture hanging, it is sometimes convenient to coil up excess cable behind the picture (in case a longer drop is required subsequently).
  • The hooks are readilly adjustable and very convenient for the installer. When used to hang signs or wall banners the final levelling up is done at the bottom of the cable rather than at ceiling level. This is faster and simpler, especially for an installer working on his/her own.
  • The 180 degree screw-on fitting can also be fixed onto sloping ceilings, bulkheads or vertical walls.  This fitting can be used to hang almost anything from a sloping ceiling.

Choice of adjustable height hook

Both hooks have a safety catch to prevent accidental unhooking. They have slightly different aesthetics and featues:

Safe Hook

Safe Hook is our popular gated hook with sleek lines and a shiny chrome finish, which matches the chrome on the dome ceiling anchor at the top of the cable.
This hook s included in UT.KIT. E.
We suggest a maximum load of 6kg.

Bee-Line Hook

Bee-Line is our new adjustable hook with bright silvery finish, at a slightly lower cost than Safe Hook - and it is actually actually stronger. It has the advantage of a straight-through cable path, which enables extra hooks to be added to create a daisy-chain configuration if required. One hook is included in the set and extra Beel-Line Hooks can be purchased as required. 
This hook s included in UT.KIT. EB
We suggest a maximum working load of 10kg for the slotted dome anchor fitting (the Bee-Line hook itself would support a higher load).

Summary of features

  • Chrome dome fitting has a swivel slot so it can be used to hang signs from a wall or bulkhead and from a flat or sloping ceiling.  Also suitable for use with poster rails.
  • Both hooks features a spring-loaded' keep' - so signs, pictures and other suspended items cannot become unhooked by accident. The height is easily adjusted in height thanks to the inbuilt gripper, with a finger-tip clutch release button (Variable-height).
  • Cable supplied is 2m long. Excess cable can be cut off as required after height adjustment. We supply good quality cable cutters as an optional extra.
  • Excellent hanging wire system for suspending posters and picture hanging, as well as sign hanging.
  • Kit E and Kit EB comprise one sign hanging fitting and one gated hook.
  • Kit M consists of the Dome Ceiling Anchor with 2m long plain end cable. It is offered for customers who wish to use a different hook or alternative fitting.


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