How to choose a hand sanitiser dispenser

Different types of hand sanitiser stands and stations

How to choose a hand sanitiser dispenser in a world trying to cope with the COVID pandemic? Sanitiser has become ubiquitous. We now keep handy little bottles of it in our cars, bags, and pockets. We expect it to be available in our workplaces, in schools, colleges, shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas and anywhere else we go.

This can pose a real challenge for anyone who is responsible for shared and public spaces. The choice of hand sanitiser solutions available can be overwhelming so how do you make sure you get the right product for your space?

Identifying where you are going to place your dispenser(s) is a great start. There are a few basic principles to follow when choosing a location. Your hand sanitiser dispenser(s) should be:

  • easily accessible
  • safe, sturdy, and difficult to knock over
  • signposted so that users can see where it is at a quick glance

These principles apply whether you choose a free-standing unit, a wall-mounted dispenser or a counter, desk, or table-top dispenser.

Automatic or manually operated dispenser?

As soon as you start looking, you’ll be given a choice between an automatic or manual dispenser. What is the difference and does it matter?  Check out our article Hand sanitiser dispensers – automatic or manual? for a look at the pros and cons of both.

Automatic and manual hand sanitiser dispenser

Tabletop hand sanitiser dispensers

Offices and workplaces have been steadily opening up in recent weeks. The number of people returning to work by the end of August was estimated at 50% of that seen pre-pandemic. Despite a rise in infection rates and the latest government advice, it is unlikely that offices will shut down completely unless required.  Many organisations are keeping a skeleton staff in-situ and allowing staff to go into the office for face-to-face meetings.  You can reinforce the hygiene message by placing tabletop dispenser stands on desks and on meeting, or conference, room tables.

Automatic tabletop dispensers are an excellent choice for reception areas in shared buildings and those with multiple doors. For instance, hospital and university entrances often have wide, multi-door entrances leading to a reception counter.  Show visitors and staff that you are mindful of their safety by situating a dispenser on your reception countertop.

The manual dispenser is a particularly good choice for classrooms as the bottle holder incorporates a drip tray! Fix one to each teacher’s desk at the front of the classroom so ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir’ can ensure that each child sanitises at the start and end of each session. Similarly, this type of unit is an excellent choice in beauty salons and nail bars.

Both our automatic and manual options are free-standing or can be fixed to the tabletop. The fixed or free-standing feature ensures maximum versatility to suit your needs.

Wall-mounted hand gel dispensers

A wall-mounted hand gel dispenser is suitable for anywhere indoors where a floor-standing station is not appropriate.  The unit can be fixed to a wall with screws or secured to tiled or glass surfaces with strong adhesive pads. This makes it ideal for the hospitality and leisure sector. Use them in hotel foyers, rooms and toilets, gym changing facilities and shopping mall amenities. Here at Green Magic, we have one fixed to the corridor wall which leads from the office area into our main warehouse facility. It’s a brilliant but unobtrusive reminder to all of us to keep our hands sanitised and clean. Automatic and manual choices are available on our website.

Hand sanitiser dispenser stand

Hand sanitiser dispenser stands are free-standing units and can be used virtually anywhere. Locate a hand sanitiser station at the entrance/exit point for small retail and hospitality providers.  In larger spaces – for instance, supermarkets and shopping malls – place multiple stations throughout the area.

We offer a range of stands with two different heights. There’s the 1.9m stand which comes with a substantial 9kg base, whilst the 1.5m dispenser or bottle holder stand is a lighter version with a 4kg base.  The 1.9m station is highly visible, so very well suited to large spaces with a high footfall. The smaller stands are perfect where space is a little more limited.

All our stations and stands allow you to fix the dispenser at a height to suit your users.  This means you can ensure your sanitiser is accessible to wheelchair users and children.

Will your station be outside? Say, in a pub garden, building supplies yard or garden centre? If so, opt for our outdoor hand sanitiser station.  It is sturdier than the indoor versions and is weatherproof. The outdoor station also has wheels and a carry handle so you can easily bring it inside at the end of the day.

Outdoor and portable dispenser stand

Don’t forget!

Remind your staff and visitors of the importance you place on hygiene practices and safety by signposting your stations. Create your own personal and branded message and pop it in a poster frame.  Our range of hand sanitiser stations and stands can include a poster frame in A4 or A3 size.  The ‘snap’ poster frames are easy to use so you can change your message as often as you like without any hassle.

Sanitiser station for school

Contact us if you need more help

We hope this guide has helped you choose a hand sanitiser dispenser that is right for you.  It may be that you decide you need a mixture of the options? Perhaps a tabletop dispenser for your reception desk and one or more stations or stands to place in your building foyer and shared spaces.

If you are still in doubt, take a look through the in-depth product information on our site or contact our sales team.  Our team are always happy to help.  Don’t forget, that once you have chosen your unit, you will need the sanitiser too.  All our dispensers work with sanitiser gel (not liquid). You can buy the gel separately or, for convenience, buy in 5-litre bulk bottles from us.

Customise your sanitiser stations










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