Automatic hand gel dispenser with table stand

  • Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser with table stand, freestanding or fixed to outdoor table
  • Automatic gel dispenser with touch free sensor with smart white tabletop stand made of metal
  • Dispenser has battery operated pump to deliver a measured dose when hands are detected  

Automatic hand gel dispenser with table stand

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Touch free gel dispenser with smart tabletop stand

Touch free automatic gel dispenser is supplied with a purpose-designed white metal table stand. The unit is perfect for standing on a table, desk, bar, counter or reception desk. In most situations this automatic tabletop hand sanitiser dispenser is used free-standing or it can be bolted down (two holes are provided). When used outside it is recommened that the stand is screwed to a tabletop.

Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser has 1000 ml (1 litre) capacity and can be refilled with any make of sanitiser gel (not liquid alcohol). We can supply good quality 70% alcohol gel with certified virus and germ killing properties. The hands-free unit dispenses approximately 2000 measured doses between refills. It is battery powered: the four AA batteries are not included - standard alkaline AA batteries will last many months before needing changing (in excess of 20,000 shots).

Automatic hand gel dispenser with table stand is suitable for use in any environment ranging from schools to offices, from serving counters to reception desks. The tabletop stand is perfect when there is no suitable wall to mount a dispenser and a floor standing model might impede access.

This unit has been tested outdoors over a number of weeks in inclement weather without displaying any adverse performance. Outdoor sanitiser units are perfect for open air events such as festivals. We also offer an outdoor automatic hand sanitiser without stand where there is a convenient wall of post to screw the unit onto.

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