Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser wall mounted

  • Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser can be wall mounted or fixed to glass, indoor or outdoor
  • Wall mounted automatic gel dispenser with hand sensor to deliver the correct dose without mess
  • Long lasting battery-operated with 1 litre refillable reservoir in a smart and robust housing

Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser wall mounted

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Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Touchless gel delivery with this superior quality, stylish and practical automatic hand sanitiser dispenser. Can be filled with any brand of hand sanitiser gel. Can be used indoors or as an outdoor hand sanitiser dispenser.

The wall mounted automatic gel dispenser can be mounted onto suitable surfaces with screws or without tools using a large double-strength adhesive pad. The adhesive fixing option is particularly suitable for mounting onto glass office partitions or tiled walls. Secure using screws for mounting on a wall which is textured, wall papered or porous (adhesive pad, screws and plugs are included). Screw fixing is recommended for outdoor use.

Touchless hand sanitising

Operation is automatic without contact. Simply position the hands beneath the sensor and the correct dose of hand sanitiser gel is dispensed after 1 second. The inbuilt dispenser pump is battery powered - 4 AA batteries will last many months in normal use without needing to change. A low battery indicator light is provided. Note: Batteries and gel are not included.

The smart housing is made from ABS - a tough and hygienic engineering plastic. It opens at the top with a push-in key giving access to the sanitiser gel storage reservoir which takes 1 litre, enough for approximately 1000 uses before refilling on the 1-shot standard setting. This is the setting we recommend when using good quality 70% alcohol gel - which you can order from us or use another brand.

The pump is calibrated for dispensing gel which is delivered without mess: this automatic dispenser is not recommended for liquid alcohol which can run though the fingers and drip.

Automatic hand gel dispenser for indoor and outdoor situations

Contactless hand sanitising dispenser offers reliable touchless gel delivery and is easy to use by children and adults alike. This is an ideal hand sanitiser dispenser for schools where there is a suitable wall for mounting. The same automatic dispenser is also available in a floor standing or table standing version.

Our automatic hand gel dispensers are suitable for use in offices, public buildings, colleges, universities, shops, pubs, fast food restaurants and countless other locations. Our wall mounted automatic gel dispenser has now been tested* outdoors in wind and rain. We can now recommend this automatic dispenser for outdoor events - for example screwed onto a wooden post or mounted onto the wall of a mobile toilet block. *Tested over many months without failure or impaired performance.

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