Lockable snap frames + allen key lock

  • Lockable poster holders to secure your valuable prints
  • Lockable A1 snap frames to protect A1 posters from theft
  • Best selling lockable snap frames to prevent unwelcome interference

Lockable snap frames + allen key lock

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Lockable snap frames for A1 to A4 posters

Great value locking snap frames - our lockable snap frames secured from unwanted attention by a hexagonal key lock are now ON SALE ! 

  • These lockable snap frames intended for the security conscious are useful for locations prone to tampering.  With an A1 lockable snap frame, your poster is secure from interference or casual theft but easily accessible to you.
  • They lock by means of an Allen screw in one side of the poster frame. The other three sides are interlocked in such a way that they cannot be opened until the first side has been opened.
  • One Allen key (hexagonal wrench) is supplied per frame, together with hidden wall fixings PLUS a clear plastic face to protect your advertisement or printed notice.

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