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Price label holders for food counter

  • Cake counter price ticket holder. 
  • Food counter information ticket holder with stand.

Price label holders for food counter

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Food counter price label holder 

Great value food ticket holder comprising a clear plastic push-in label holder on a short stem with a plastic foot. This small label display stand is perfect for food counters - for example for cheese counters, cold meats, cakes, olives etc.

  • 2" wide price label holder accepts small cards displaying prices and descriptions.
  • Adjustable angle leg and head means the price label is displayed at the optimum reading angle on countertop.
  • Neat transparent plastic foot is 7.5cm long and the overall height of the price stand is 8cm - ideal for many displaying prices on the food counter or in refrigerated display cabinets.
  • Fits printed, laminated or hand written labels - ideally about 0.6mm thick (typical credit card thickness).  Also works with our write-on chalk cards.
  • Plastic price display holder is made from hygienic clear polycarbonate - not suitable for high temperatures.
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