POP Clip Card Gripper with large clamp

  • Angled ticket card holder with large clip
  • Information holding clip for displaying price cards

POP Clip Card Gripper with large clamp

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POP Clip Card Gripper with large clamp fits tubes and boxes

Versatile ticket holder clip with clamp attaches easily to food containers, clothes rails,bycicle handlebars, dump bins, pram handles, lawnmowers, terracotta pots, whicker baskets, wide rim vases etc. making it easy to attach a price ticket or other point-of-sale material.

  • The angle of the card is fully adjustable in three axes so the ticket can always be displayed vertically or at the optimum reading angle.
  • This multi-angle card holder is also known as a Combo Clip or POP Clip.  The clamp jaws open to 25mm / 1" max.  
  • The optimum card thickness is around 500 micron (0.5mm).  This POP Clip can be used in conjunction with our A7 reusable Chalk Cards and white chalk pens.
  • Made from durable clear plastic for use indoors and outside.
  • Lower cost shipping by post applies for up to 20 CG.01
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