White wet-wipe chalk pen (chisel tip)

  • Wet wipe chalk pens are perfect for most chalkboards and blackboards 
  • White chalk pen is the most popluar colour on chalkboards - follow links for other colours
  • Chisel tip allows you to draw fine lines and normal size chalkboard hand-writing

White wet-wipe chalk pen (chisel tip)

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White chalk pen which can be erased with a damp cloth

"Wet-wipe" means the writing can be erased with just a damp cloth. This applies to most chalkboard surfaces which are non-porous. Our Securit wet-wipe chalk pens are perfect for use on Chalk Cards, Table Chalkboards, Wall Blackboards etc.

On this page we keep the choice simple! You can just order our white chisel point pens. If you want more choice of colours, different size chalk pens or waterproof chalk pens, just follow the links.

White is the classic colour pen for chalkboards - it always looks pristine and unfussy. However, there are lots of cool colours to choose from to personalise your chalkboard, menu or pricing ticket.

Is the chisel point the right size nib?

Yes if you are writing on anything A4 size or smaller. Yes if you need the pen for menu lists or lots of writing. However, if you need a bold message on a chalk A-board or a main heading on a blackboard we recommend the next size up with a 15mm wide nib instead of 6mm.

What if the writing doesn't clean off with a damp cloth?

Chalkboard surfaces differ - some are very resistant to leaving shadow marks while others (especially cheaper surfaces) tend to absorb a certain amount of ink which can leave faint shadows. In this case we recommend you try Securit Cleaner which come in a handy spray bottle. Generally it deep cleans the surface and soaks away more stubborn marks. 

Before using the chalk pen

  • When shipped the pen nib is dry - it needs priming. First shake the pen repeatedly to make sure the ink is well mixed.
  • Next pump the nib repeately on a piece of scrap paper to get the ink flowing. This can take more than a minute, so be patient.
  • Make sure whatever you are writing on is totally clean and dry. Invisible greasy marks are the enemy of chalk pens.
  • Whenever possible write on a flat surface to stop the ink running. Allow the ink to dry, especially before introducing a second colour.
  • For more complex designs pre-planning and using ruled pencil guidelines will pay dividends
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