Clip on sign holder with extended arm

  • Clip on sign holder with 5cm extended arm
  • Ticket holder clear plastic with card holder

Clip on sign holder with extended arm

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Plastic card clip with extended arm

This clip on sign holder features a card gripper on an extended arm for extra adjustability.  The sprung clamp attachment allows for easy fixing to many display containers, or directly onto a product. Elevate your message to stand out and let the customer see the product.

  • Similar to Card Gripper CG.01 but with a 2" (5cm) extended stem to enable price tickets to be displayed effectively in more difficult situations.  The rod can be swivelled in any direction.
  • The versatile clamp has jaws which open 1" (2.5cm) wide to allow reliable attachment onto baskets, trays and boxes with thick edges.  Ideal for grocers, florists, deli counters etc.
  • The price ticket or sign should be around 500 micron thick - about the thickness of a typical postcard - in order to be held secure.
  • This clip-on sign holder is made from clear polycarbonate plastic and can be for price tickets in food displays.
  • Lower cost shipping by post applies for up to 20 CG.03
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