Snap frame replacement plastic covers

  • Replacement snap frame poster covers with anti-glare side to reduce distracting reflections
  • Flexible plastic 500-micron anti-glare cover sheets for snap frames 
  • Poster protectors are made from outdoor grade PET (similar to PVC but better quality) 

Snap frame replacement plastic covers

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Replacement covers for snap frames 

Replacement covers for snap frames are also known as poster cover sheets or poster protectors. These high quality plastic sheets are suitable for most types of snap frames as replacement covers. They are suitable for regular snap frame pavement signs which do not have a waterproof gasket (most snap frame A-boards and budget waterbase signs). 

Important Notes:

  • Snap frame replacement covers are supplied pre-cut to specific sizes. Please check dimensions carefully before ordering.
  • These cover sheets have a non-reflective side and a glossy side. Usually the anti-glare side is inserted facing outwards, but the choice is yours.
  • Typical thickness is 500-micron (larger sizes are slighly thicker). This is only half a millimeter thick and therefore flexible (not rigid) to enable replacement snap frame covers to be flexed into the frame..
  • Made from outdoor grade PET (similar to PVC sheets but better quality and recyclable at end of life). Poster covers are sometimes referred to as acetate sheets by people who remember overhead projectors.

Attention: Covers for waterproof snap frames are slightly larger! 

Waterproof snap frames use a slightly bigger all round poster cover that presses onto a watertight sealing strip.  If your snap frames have a black rubber strip around the inside of the frame the covers on this page will be too small.

Click on the links below for more details of these replacement poster covers for waterproof snap frames and waterproof lockable snap frames. Waterproof snap frames and snap frames for higher quality water-base pavement signs with a rubber gasket within the frame require special over-size faces.

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