Suspension kit from concrete ceiling

  • Kit comprises 1m cable with fittings to anchor to concrete ceilings, plus adjustable hook 
  • Hammer-in concrete anchor plus 90 degree eyelet cable is fast to fit and secure - 15kg capacity 
  • For fixing suspended ceilings, light fittings, acoustic panels, signage to concrete and masonry

Suspension kit from concrete ceiling

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Fast, professional hanging wire suspension system from concrete

Designed for fast and reliable installation when suspending items and services up to 15kg from concrete ceilings. This kit comprises a 90 degree angle bracket factory fitted to a 1m drop cable. A hammer-in concrete anchor is supplied to attach the bracket to a concrete ceiling or soffit. A self-locking suspension hook allows infinitely adjustable suspension height up to a drop of 1m.

  • Hammer-in anchor requires a 6mm hole drilled in the concrete. Simply pass the anchor through the 90 degree ceiling bracket and drive in the nail with a couple of blows from a hammer.
  • The cable hangs vertically and the suspension hook can be moved up and down to any position, remaining locked at the desired height or released by depressing the in-built clutch for fine height adjustment. 
  • The hook has a safety-catch feature making it fast to engage with a secure attachment onto a suitable suspension loop on the item to be hung from the ceiling, while remaining securely attached even if the item is knocked.
  • Each kit comprises one 1m long galvanised steel wire (1.5mm diameter) with ceiling anchor and adjustable hook. When hanging signs two kits are generally required. When hanging rectangular panels 4 or more kits are generally required. 
  • The maximum safe working load for each kit is 15kg (calculated with a 5:1 margin of safety)
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