Suspension hooks self locking

  • Choice of 3 adjustable height suspension hooks for use with 1.5mm thick wire rope. 
  • Suspension hooks are self locking. For adjustment press the button at the cable entry point.

Suspension hooks self locking

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Suspension hooks are adjustable

Suspension hooks with self-locking facility are ideal for rapid installation and levelling up on site.

Slide the hook up a support wire (usually 1.5mm dia) and it locks fast wherever it is placed.  To lower simply depress the quick release button as shown on the image.  The clutch mechanism is released until the suspended item is at exactly the right height.  Excess wire can then be snipped off.

It is much easier to level up acoustic panels, light fittings and ceiling hung building services when the adjustment can be performed at the suspension point rather than at the ceiling.

  • Straight hook is suitable for hanging vertical baffles such as a panel with a suspension hole
  • Safe Hook has a spring catch across the mouth of the hook to prevent accidental detachment.
  • Bee-line Hook also has a safety catch and is suitable for heavier loads than the safe hook
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