Screw ceiling anchor with wire

  • Two-part screw-on ceiling anchor with drop wire 
  • Thimble size bullet fitting matte silver finish

Screw ceiling anchor with wire

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Ideal fixing for ceiling panels and lighting

Ceiling anchors for attaching drop wires to plaster ceilings are neat, quick to install and supplied at low cost.

Suspended services in buildings such as acoustic panels, light fittings etc require rapid and reliable fixing systems combined with support wires.  For lightweight building services applications 1.5mm wire cable can be relied upon to carry loads in excess of 10 kg per suspension point.  These slender cables are both economical and unobtrusive.

Screw ceiling anchor for conventional ceilings
(U.SCA.1/T and U.SCA.2/T)
For plasterboard and similar conventional ceilings which will accept a plug and screw fixing, the two-part ceiling anchor is screwed to the ceiling capturing the supplied 1m or 2m length of wire.

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