Stainless steel finish snap frames A4 - A1

  • Stainless steel effect snap frames in sizes A4, A3, A2, and A1
  • Stainless steel poster frames offer a distinctive contemporary look - yet very affordable
  • Premium look snap frames - the stainless steel finish is applied to the base aluminium

Stainless steel finish snap frames A4 - A1

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Stainless Steel Snap Frames

Stainless steel poster frames are normally expensive. The special finish applied to these snap frames looks like stainless steel making the price affordable. You also benefit from snap-open fronts for quickly changing your signs and notices.

A special coating process over the 25mm aluminium snap frame profile achieves a realistic stainless steel finish. Stainless steel snap frames offer the best way to have stylish high-end-looking signage in your premises or facilities. Use our stainless steel look snap frames where the look is important.  

  • 25mm wide-coated aluminium frame profiles with a hinge-open snap action.
  • Front-loaded posters and signs printed on regular A4, A3, A2 or A1 size paper.
  • Concealed fixing is accessible when the frame is open. Screws and wall plug included.
  • Includes an anti-glare clear plastic protector behind which you insert your photo, notice or poster.
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