Wind Pro pavement sign Water base- Silver

  • Waterproof A1 pavement sign with wheels and snap frame poster change
  • Best quality A1 & A0  robust pavement signs with water filled base for stability
  • Forecourt sign A0 | Large pavement sign board with water fill base for retail store or garage forecourt  
Sliver Wind Pro pavement sign
Sliver Wind Pro pavement sign A1 and A0 Wind Pro Pavement signs Forecourt sign A0 Large pavement sign board with water fill base for retail store or garage forecourt Snap frame pavement sign Snap frame wind resistant signs

Wind Pro pavement sign Water base- Silver

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Waterproof pavement sign - WindPro 

WindPro is a well engineered water fill base pavement sign equipped with double-sided A1 or A0 size poster frames.  Smart silver finish, wind resistant and weatherproof for promoting offers and events on a windy street or forecourt. This Pavement signboard is fitted with wheels for easy placement.

  • The base is fillable with water to make it heavy enough to withstand wind in most situations.  A screw-cap is provided for easy filling of the rugged plastic base with water or dry sand.
  • The addition of wheels means it is simple to move even when full of water.  Just tilt and roll.
  • Waterproof snap frames on both sides each incorporate a weather seal to prevent posters printed on paper getting wet. They also accept thicker inserts than standard snap frames (up to 4mm so a permanent sign panel could also be displayed).
  • The WindPro design features safe slightly rounded corners on both the poster frame and base.   Note: The A0 size Windpro is large and imposing - too large for the average High Street as it is 5ft tall and 3ft wide and cannot fit through a standard doorway.  It is ideal for a retail park, garage forecourt or pub car park.
  • Two sets of double-springs allow the frame to deflect slightly to spill strong gusts of wind without the WindPro base lifting or toppling.  This model is also sold as Sightmaster Pro and can be referred to as a standard A-board pavement sign.

I've seen waterbase signs advertised elsewhere at a cheaper price

What you may have seen on other sites is a more flimsy sign board which appears similar to the high quality Wind Pro. supply the best quality pavement signs that are designed to last outdoors in the elements. If budget is tight, we too have an alternative low cost pavement sign with wheels but it doesn't have the superior specification of our WindPro.
Some other websites sell an indoor waterbased pavement shopping mall sign at a higher price and call it outdoor quality. Don't be fooled only the genuine Wind Pro has stronger springs, a waterproof gasket and thicker poster cover. Remember you generally get what you pay for.