Small aluminium room door sign 15cm wide

  • Small door sign with self-adhesive tape on the back for easy fitting 
  • Curved aluminium sign holder supplied with a flexible plastic lens behind which you insert your print 
  • Two slat heights are available: 5cm (2") and 7.5cm (3"). Slat width is 15cm (6")

Small aluminium room door sign 15cm wide

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Curved aluminium sign holder - 15cm long adhesive slats

This curved aluminium sign holder has a clear plastic (PETG) print protector and can be used as a small wall sign for wayfinding or fixed directly to a door to identify the room function or occupant. This type of printable small door sign is perfect for room identification especially when there is a need to update the sign from time to time.

  • Can be used with printed sign inserts or flexible sign substrates up to 1mm thick. Supplied with a suction tool to aid removal of plastic protector.
  • Curved silver aluminium sign with clear plastic (PETG) print protector to use with a printed insert. 
  • Finished with smart black plastic end caps.
  • Supplied with adhesive tape pre-applied to the back of the sign for mounting either directly to the wall or directly onto many types of door.  
  • Sticks very securely - quick and easy to apply.

If you prefer a similar screw-on version with slightly higher specification please refer to the links below.

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