Infection Control in Healthcare Settings

Scrupulous hand cleanliness practices are crucial in the fight against the transmission of infections, including coronaviruses. Regular handwashing complemented by using hand sanitiser is a must in any environment but is particularly important in healthcare and social care settings, from hospitals and GP surgeries to care homes and pharmacies.

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Hand hygiene compliance

For many years now, hand hygiene has been recognised as the most important factor in preventing the spread of healthcare associated infections. Hand hygiene compliance systems, procedures, and products are vital components of any health and social care provider's arsenal in keeping staff and patients or clients as safe from infection as possible.

We offer an excellent range of sanitiser dispensers suitable for any space and position: foot-operated, wall-mounted, countertop and freestanding options are available as are touch-operated or automatic units. We also supply quality hand gel in refill tubs.

  • Dispensers available in automatic, lever, and foot-operated models
  • Freestanding, wall-mounted, and countertop units available
  • All models are easy to assemble - full instructions, including some video tutorials, available on product pages
  • High quality refill hand gel also supplied in 5 litre tubs

For additional infection control products such as protective screens for counters, tills, and reception areas and guidance signs and systems, check out our virus protection category.