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Toilet advertising

Public amenities can be used to create additional income from renting space for toilet advertising and bathroom door advertising. As a facilities manager, you can contribute to your organisation's income by renting space in your washrooms for advertising. You already have the space on doors and walls, all you need do is invest in some good quality, easy to install and use frames and you are ready to offer your customer a low-cost but highly effective advertising medium. Read more...

Toilet advertising is well established, having started with a Zoom Media campaign in America in 1997. Since then, big multinational brands including Sony, Unilever and Nintendo have successfully run their own campaigns as have countless small and local businesses.

Public amenities provide an excellent space with a captive audience for local and national business advertising and promotional campaigns. Place the framed advertisement above urinals, on the back of cubicle doors or next to hand dryers. Studies have shown that people have a positive response to washroom advertising and as a 'non-traditional' medium, toilet advertising generates a high level of campaign recall - people remember what they see on the bathroom door or washroom wall.

Snap frames for washroom advertising

Snap frames (also known as clip frames or grip frames) are a popular choice for bathroom door advertising. These frames are front-loading meaning changes can be made quickly and easily without removing from the wall or bathroom door.

  • The metal frames are hard-wearing and available in a classic silver finish - special colours can be manufactured to order.
  • We stock a good range of sizes, including A3 for laminated posters.
  • Snap frames are available with square or round corners.
  • Prints and posters are easily inserted behind the poster protector supplied with every frame - meaning changes can be made to campaigns with no fuss.
  • The frames come complete with wall fixings and, depending on your surface, can even be fixed to toilet walls using double-sided adhesive foam tape.