Flexible check sheet holder with magnetic flap

  • Durable Duraframe Note checklist holder with adhesive back and folding magnetic front cover 
  • Hold up to 5 sheets of paper that can be written on through the frame 
  • Available in black and silver sticks to any smooth surface including glass 

Flexible check sheet holder with magnetic flap

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Facilities checklist A4 sheet holder with pen holding loop 

Duraframe Note is a check sheet holder with several attractive features making it suitable for many applications ranging from factory assembly areas to upscale toilet and bathroom facilities.
The opening in the flexible front panel allows for service personnel to write directly onto the check list.

Other features include:

  • Self adhesive back for easy fixing on a wide range of services.  Simply peel off the backing sheet and apply it to the wall, window, locker, machinery etc.
  • Can be peeled off without leaving a residue or used double-sided on glass. 
  • Flexible front flap with magnetic closure makes it easy to swap sheets.  The rear stays firmly stuck to the wall.  Just lift up the flap to exchange sheets (several sheets can be accomodated). 
  • Attractive black or silver border frames your print and incorporates a pen holder which can be useful in some situations.
  • Will work on certain slightly curved surfaces such as machinery or refrigerated displays. 
  • Ideal for health and safety check sheets, maintenance schedules, attendance lists, toilet cleaning signs and many other applications.
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