Screens and Sanitiser for Venues

Help protect your staff and customers from airborne viruses by establishing some simple, yet effective, measures. Ask customers to sanitise their hands on entering your premises - we have wall-mounted and freestanding dispenser options available so you can choose what solution suits your space best. Installing counter protective screens where customers come into contact with staff - at the bar, serving counter or till - is a must for all venues. Read more...

Make your venue virus-secure!

There is little doubt that social lives and interactions have changed for the long term as a result of COVID and a heightened awareness of coronaviruses and their spread. We know that viruses spread through airborne droplets and close contact with others - as a hospitality provider there are a number of actions you can take to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible.  As well as reducing the number of people allowed in your venue at any one time, you should ensure that sanitiser is easily accessible and use screens at points of contact to minimise transmission risks.

  • Suspended and counter screens are must-have additions to your bar and counter spaces 
  • All screen types are easy to assemble and fit
  • Place sanitiser dispensers and entrances and till points to remind and encourage staff and customers to keep hands clean
  • We also supply sanitiser gel refills so no need to hunt around!

We supply a comprehensive range of protection products - check out our Virus Protection category for the full offer.