LED Signs and Modular LED Letters

LED letters to make personalised and customisable LED signs Read more...

LED Signs - a bright idea for your business

LED Alphabet is a new concept in making bespoke LED signs quickly, easily and economically. A complete Alphabet of LED letters and numbers simply plug together to create any word or phrase.

Personalised LED signs are made up of individual illuminated letters which simply plug together.  Whatever LED sign you require, it can be created from stock by ordering the letters needed and just plugging them together.  The power supply is plugged into a standard 13 Amp socket and your personalised led sign lights up spelling out your message providing maximum impact for your business.

LED letters are also suitable for creating illuminated carnival or fairground signs, also for personalised party messages, flashing DJ signs and lots of other fun uses.

LED Letters can be used to design your own LED sign.  Custom LED signs are now possible at a reasonable price.

LED sign using Smart LED Letters

Custom LED signs for a Fish & Chip shop - above by day and below at nightfall.

LED Signs at dusk using LED Alphabet

Join together any combination of LED Letters to create your desired message.  A choice of fixing systems is available including suction cups to attach LED Signs directly to the inside of shop windows.

LED sign fixed inside a shop window with suckers

Smart LED Letters simply plug together.  At one end the low voltage power supply connects a safe 12V electrical feed from a mains transformer.  An optional flasher unit can be fitted to make the whole sign flash.  

Alternatively the flashing neon effect can be created part way through the sign with the Flasher replacing a space between words.  In this way just the letters to the right of the flasher blink at a rate you can select via the button on the back of the flasher unit.

Modular LED Alphabet