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Black loop-end cable with adjustable black hook

  • Slender black 2m loop-end cable with small adjustable-height hook
  • Black Bee-Line hook is self locking (with finger-tip release button)
  • Black cable and hook create 'invisible' hanging system in dark ceiling spaces

Black loop-end cable with adjustable black hook

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Black Loopend cable system with hanging hook 

Black Loop Cable Kit consists of a 2m long 1.5mm wire rope cable with a pre-formed loop at one end.  This offers the facility to pass the cable over a beam or roof truss and feed the tail of the cable back through the loop to secure (lasso principle).  Alternatively the loop end can be hung directly onto a ceiling hook or eye bolt.

The black finish Bee-LineHook is then threaded onto the trailing end of the cable and height adjusted thanks to the automatic gripper mechanism incorporated into the hook. The height of the Bee-Line hook is less than 4cm (37mm to be precise). 

The clutch release button allows the hook to be slid up and down the cable to achieve the correct level.  With this kit the adjustment is conveniently done at the bottom of the cable rather than high in the roof. This is convenient when hanging signs etc in a tall space - the cables are first dropped from the roof space and subsequently the signs are levelled up without needing access high in the roof. 

Advantage of black wires and fittings

Black hanging wires and suspension fittings look classy for suspending all manner of things - signage, lighting, Christmas decorations, product displays and sculptural features. They can also be used for hanging ceiling panels which help conceal services or cut down the echo in a room (acoustic panels). Black wires are more aethetically pleasing than conventional shiny silver wires. For the ceiling space above the light fittings dark colour wires are less evident, often disappearing into the background.

Kit includes cable and hook

The kit includes a cable with a ready-made loop at one end plus a hook - both are matt black.

This is Kit KB-B - Alternative kits with silver hooks are available.

Extra hooks can be threaded onto the wire for multi-level installations - see Recommended Accessories to purchase extra matching hooks

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