Adjustable double loop suspension kit

  • Adjustable suspension kit for hanging signs, blackboards etc. from a pole, beam, or rafter 
  • A double loop suspension kit lets you create a wire loop at the top and bottom of the wire
  • Galvanised wire is 2m or 3m long but can be adjusted down to any length (and excess cut-off)

Adjustable double loop suspension kit

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Double loop hanging wire kit offers great flexibility

This multi-purpose suspension kit consists of a strong yet slender wire with a pre-formed loop at one end and a loop-maker fitting, called an Urban Trapeze, at the other end to create a second loop.

  • The double-loop suspension kit is very versatile and can be used for many purposes, ranging from suspending signs and blackboards from an overhead hanging rail or pole to suspending plants or decorations from roof beams, pipes, trunking or trusses.

Fully adjustable loop-over suspension kit

  • The loop-end cables are 2m or 3m  long - so that is the maximum 'drop' for this kit. 
  • The wire is only 1.5mm thick so the suspension system is very neat and discreet. 
  • The safe working load is 15kg per wire (the breaking strain is considerably higher, but we always recommend a 5-fold factor of safety for overhead hanging).

The pre-formed loop can be hung from a ceiling hook (for example a magnetic hook).  However, generally, the small loop is used to create a lasso over the top of a pole or beam with the tail of the cable threaded back through the loop and pulled tight.

The second loop is created using a clever self-locking fitting called an Urban Trapeze. The function is similar to a Gripple fitting but the styling is superior - important when the fittings may be 'on show' in retail, hospitality, home or office environment. The function is shown in the image section - the wire is introduced through one port of the Urban Trapeze, threaded around whatever you wish to hang, and passed back up through the second port. It grips automatically but the gripper mechanism can easily be released for adjustment with fingertip pressure on either release button.

  • This wire suspension kit (Order code UT.KIT.H) comprising a single 2m loop end cable and an Urban Trapeze fitting has a silvery finish. A black alternative is also available (Order code UT.KIT.H-B).
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