Waterproof Snap frame - Double Royal poster size

  • Waterproof frame for double royal posters, graphics and information
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Tamper-proof lock mechanism and heavy-duty poster cover
  • Double Royal Paper size is 1016mm x 635mm or 40inches x 25 inches

Waterproof Snap frame - Double Royal poster size

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Waterproof double royal poster frame

The waterproof double royal poster frame is part of a tailored range from Green Magic designed for the transport industry, where printed notices and information needs to be easily seen from a distance and by people on the move.

  • Double Royal paper size is 40 inches high x 25 inches wide (1016mm x 635mm)
  • Designed for railway and transport hub information display
  • Tamper-proof frame incorporates a security bolt lock requiring an Allen key to unlock
  • The frame has an integral rubber gasket seal all the way round the interior to provide weatherproofing
  • Uses the interlocking 'snap' open and shut design for easy poster change
  • Can display substrates such as printed card up to 3mm depth
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Includes UV and anti-glare heavy-duty poster cover
  • Supplied with locking tool, wall fixings and screws

Double Royal poster display

Double royal is the preferred print size for rail and has been used by London Underground since 1908. It is becoming increasingly popular in a range of settings from retail to entertainment and hospitality due to its ability to be seen and create a quick but lasting impact. 

You can use standard or heavy-weight paper posters in our double royal snap frame or, if you get your posters specially printed, up to 3mm signboards. These will fit perfectly within the frame beneath the heavy-duty poster cover.  As with any print that might end up outdoors we recommend starting with waterproof media, your commercial printers will be able to do this as standard.  

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