Lockable Poster Case - Double Royal poster size

  • Lockable poster case for double royal paper size
  • Perfect for sheltered outside spaces and large indoor spaces
  • Can be mounted in portrait or landscape

Lockable Poster Case - Double Royal poster size

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Double Royal paper size poster case

This double royal paper size poster case is part of our range designed specifically for the rail industry, where double royal size is standard. This substantial lockable poster case is perfect for an entrance, ticket office and platform communications and advertising. Designed to create impact and be seen from afar or whilst on the move, the double royal lockable poster case is also attractive in large public spaces such as retail outlets and entertainment venues or attractions. 

  • Double royal paper size is 40 inches x 25 inches wide (1016mm x 635mm)
  • Designed for railway and transport hub information display
  • For indoor or sheltered outside use
  • Robust design - shatter-resistant glaze and rust-proof aluminium frame
  • Fitted with a twin lock and is supplied with two keys
  • Supplied pre-drilled with fixing holders, wall plugs and screws for hassle-free fitting
  • Mount in landscape or portrait

The sample stock held in our UK warehouse is anodised silver, however, powder coating in any standard RAL colour (which adds an extra durable painted coating) is available for a minimum order of 30 units.

Can lockable poster cases suffer from Condensation?

For the best long-term outdoor results, ask your print partners to use 180-micron Polyprop waterproof paper and waterproof inks. 

Condensation on the inside of the door can occur under certain atmospheric conditions. It is the same situation as inside a car windscreen where condensation can occur without implying that rain has actually entered.

Typically on a cold night after a humid day the water vapour in the air can condense on any cold surface (such as the glazed door or car windscreen) and this is unavoidable. In most situations, any misting clears of its own accord as the glass (or clear plastic) warms up again.

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