Special fittings for snap frames

  • Clips to suspend a snap frame. 
  • Clips to hang a snap frame.
  • Slat wall fitting clips for snap frames. 

Special fittings for snap frames

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Special snap frame fittings 

For use when snap frames are to be suspended or mounted onto slatwall panels.

  • Suspension clips are metal fixings which slot under the top profile (at the back of the frame).  These clips allow snap frames to be hung on picture hooks, picture pins, nails or screw heads left protruding out of the wall.  They also enable snap frames to be hung on wire hooks - see our hanging wire kits.  Suspension Clips are sold as a pair (to hang one snap frame).
  • Slatwall fixing clips combine the above clip with a clear plastic fitting which slots into slat walls.  These enable snap frames to be mounted easily onto slat wall panels.  Slatwall Clips are sold as a pair (to mount one snap frame).
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