Sign holder, spring clip price card holder

  • Spring clamp-on sign holder for clothes rails with thumb clamp to fit tubes, crates etc. 
  • Spring loaded price card holders - 3 colour options: white, black or green 
  • Price ticket sign holder for round, square or oval clothes rails, fruit and veg crates etc.

Sign holder, spring clip price card holder

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Clothes rail price holder with spring clamp

Clip on price ticket holders, low cost sign holders for price cards for greengrocers, market traders and budget conscious retailers such as charity shops.

  • Plastic construction - spring clip attaches securely to clothing racks, garment rails, wooden crates, cardboard boxes, flower buckets etc.
  • Powerful spring loaded trigger clamp with anti slip liner, maximum grip range 15- 40mm.
  • Coloured plastic card clip holder, maximum thickness 5mm suitable for small signs and stiff card price tickets.
  • Versatile clamp fits onto many sizes of tube, plastic crates, wooden boxes, carboard pallet boxes, gaylords etc.
  • Swivel action sign holder for easy positioning of price card.
  • 3 colour options Green, Black and White.
  • A clear plastic version is available at a higher cost. See link below.

Ideal sign holder for use on market stalls, green grocers, florists, convenience stores, pop up shops. These low cost price ticket holders work  well with our range of chalk cards and liquid chalk pens. See links below.

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