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Snap door signs, door name holders you can update

Interchangeable door signs offer a simple and economic way to keep names on doors up to date when staff move or residents change. Snap door signs are perfect for printable door signs for offices and as door labels for identifying rooms.

Snap door signs are low cost room door signs with easy snap action to insert custom nameplate signs printed on a regular office printer. The snap-open frame principle makes it quick and easy to insert paper printed signs or name-cards.  Great value printable door signs for offices are easy to fix - available with two snap profiles or with all-round 4-sided snap action. Read more...

Economic door signs which you update

If you manage a building with frequent changes of room occupant it pays to have a simple and effective way to update the name on the door. With basic word processing skills and the right internal door sign holder an effective in-house door sign update facility is easily achievable. Two-sided snap frames are the lowest cost door nameplate holders with easy snap name change . Smart silver aluminium profiles are available in two widths: standard 25mm and slim 15mm, each in a range of sizes.

Mini snap frames

The Edge Snap is a two-sided snap frame - with a simple yet stylish appearance. Edge snap office door signs offer an effective and practical low cost solution when the budget is limited but a smart appearance is nevertheless required.  Door signs which you can update yourself are also applicable in many other situations: for example door name plate holders in nursing homes.

The Opti Snap is a four sided version -  a small snap frame available in A5 and A6 size with particular attributes making it ideal for signs fixed on office doors. The reason is that Opti snap door signs avoid the pointy corners which you find on regular snapframes. Special rounded plastic corner-tips keep the frames snag-free in the situation someone might brush up against the door. Opti snap frame door signs are stocked in silver, black and wood-effect aluminium.

Opti snaps are very suitable for office door signposting - both for temporary and more permanent use. 

Door signs in a residential care home

The A4 door sign in the Opti range is also popular application is for picture door signs, such as for helping Alzheimer's sufferers find their rooms in care homes. Dementia signage, where the purpose of a room or the name of the occupant is identified by means of a printed A4 sheet with a picture on it has proved to be effective. For example the picture might reflect the former occupation, trade or hobby of the resident. A picture of a tractor can help former farmer Giles both feel at home and also find his new room in the nursing home. Mavis who suffers from Dementia still talks of the days she wanted to be a ballerina and she identifies and relates to the picture on her door.

Snap frame door signs in Dimentia care

Other uses for snap door signs

Snap frames make great door signs fixed to the outside of the room door - but they are also used inside the room, fixed to the inside of the door. For example, snap door signs can be used to display rules, meal times or fire evacuation instructions on the back of the door. The level of accessibility will vary depending on the intended use. If the information is subject to change - welcome to the party conference - an A4 door sign which can be updated in moments will be a good solution. On the other hand, if the requirement is for a fire safety evacuation map holder, then a secure type of poster farme which cannot be tampered with will be the answer. We have special snap frame door signs which cannot be opened by the public as a special tool is required - kept under control of the facilities manager or housekeeping department.