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Brochure holders - table-top leaflet holders

Acrylic brochure holders are ideal for table top and counter top situations. Choose from either individual leaflet holders, one of our stacked models to create a multi-tiered dispenser or, if you're limited by space but want maximum display area, select our revolving carousel table top displays.  Read more...

Tabletop brochure holders and Leaflet dispensing displays

Leaflets, flyers and brochures are still the most popular form of advertising your products services and events. Displaying your literature professionally has never been easier with this full range of countertop leaflet dispensers from sign holders. When designing and printing your literature it is important to consider the display stand position be it on a customer service counter, tabletop or alongside the product that you wish to advertise and promote. The size of your printed leaflets and brochures is also an important consideration. We recommend standard paper sizes from the smaller A6 up to the popular A4, brochure holders are made in huge volumes by moulding machines so bespoke sizes tend to be incredibly expensive to produce in small quantities and after all your looking to maximise your advertising and return on investments so an economic solution is a key to achieving this end.

A4 Brochure display stands and leaflet dispensers 

  • Single pocket A4 counter top leaflet holders made from robust Styrene for when you have 1 message to display
  • Multiple pocket A4 brochure dispensers are available in 3 stacked and 4 stacked versions these give maximum exposure to your literature whilst taking up the smallest amount of space.
  • High capacity A4 literature display pockets large quantities in stock in our UK warehouse with next day delivery options available.
  • Want to brand your leaflet dispenser? we offer this service and are happy to discuss your requirements please note minimum order quantities may apply.

A5 Leaflet dispensers and tabletop brochure display stands

  • Single pocket A5 leaflet dispenser and brochure display tabletop dispensers great for product advertisements and event promotion 
  • 3 x A5 pockets stacked vertically for multiple product information sheets.
  • 4 x A5 pockets stacked vertically for the maximum event and product exposure in a small space.
  • Branded A5 leaflet dispensers are also available with a variety of branding options, please call to discuss your requirements.

DL | trifold and 1/3rd A4 countertop leaflet dispensers and menu holders Single pocket DL leaflet holders for countertops.

Dual Use A6, A5, DL and A4 Leaflet dispensers - tabletop or wall mounted 

  • Dual Use leaflet dispensers - Tabletop or wall mount.
  • Leaflet dispensers that have been designed to mount on a wall or convert to tabletop displays via an additional detachable stand.
  • Premium quality leaflet dispensers - Taymar brand. 

Freestanding counter top leaflet dispensers for tables

Acrylic is a type of plastic with crystal clear appearance - Perspex is a brand name of acrylic. Many brochure holder models are made of HIPS which stands for high impact polystyrene which has similar excellent properties. These materials are used to make injection moulded tabletop brochure holders - both the single brochure holder and freestanding multi-brochure models. 

Revolving literature displays

The tabletop leaflet and brochure dispenser is a great alternative if you do not have space to stack or wall mount your dispensers or if you have various leaflets to display.

Menu counter spinners are an attractive high quality, neat way of displaying single printed menus or special offers etc. With 3 sides for an all-around view.

If you are looking for a floor standing leaflet carousel the Revolver literature stand is a good option for customers to browse your literature at their leisure.

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