Poster Snaps and Poster Clamps - for ceiling or wall hanging

Poster Snaps and Poster Clamps are aluminium hanging bars designed to grip the top and bottom edge of a wide range of poster and banner materials. They make ideal reusable poster hanging rails, poster bars and banner rails. Read more...

Aluminium poster hangers

Supplied as standard with a silver anodised aluminium or black painted finish - special colours available on request (subject to quantity). Supplied as a pair, the weight of the bottom rail serves to keep the banner tensioned.

Poster Snaps grip most banner and poster materials well - the snap action is induced by built in metal spring clips within the front profile - it closes against the banner substrate, pressing it against the foam strip built into the rear profile. For long banners and heavy banners we offer the alternative design Poster Clamp. The action of closing the front profile clamps the banner material very securely - this is ideal for heavier grade PVC banners or long drop banners printed on heavy fabrics. Poster Clamps are also extendable - two shorter sections can be joined - making this a good choice of banner rail for especially large or wide banners.

Slide-along hangers in the top rail allow the suspension points to be positioned with precision to suit available fixing points - either from the ceiling or for wall hanging.