Magnetic hooks and magnetic fittings to hang signs and POS

Magnetic ceiling hooks and hanging fittings for attaching signs, POS and other items to ceilings or roof trusses using magnetic anchors and adjustable height hook cables Read more...

Magnets offer a secure way to suspend from the ceiling

Magnet fixings are perfect for shop and display systems where the ceiling has steel panels or grids which are receptive to magnets.

  • Hanging hooks can be adjusted in height without reaching up to the roof, so they are ideal for high ceiling hanging.  Magnetic ceiling hooks are used for hanging point of sale material and signs, as well as decorations etc.
  • Most roof trusses and purlins are made from steel and the magnets will attach securely provided there is an adequate flat area.  Magnets present a good sign hanging solution in sheds (box stores) or in industrial buildings.
  • We also offer simple magnetic fittings for hanging lightweight POS materials.